Sunday Morning Worship


The Sunday morning worship service at the Guntersville Church of Christ last for about one hour. During the service we will partake of communion, sing, pray, listen to a sermon, and contribute money.


The usual order of the service begins with a welcome to guests and members followed by a period of singing and prayer. After a prayer members are given the opportunity to make financial contributions as collection tray are passed. Visitors are not asked nor should feel compelled to contribute.


The next portion of the service is dedicated to communion. A church member will give a short talk dedicated to remembering the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone (members and visitors) who wish to participate will take a small piece of unleavened bread which represents His body and sip of the fruit of the vine that represents His blood.


After we sing another song a minister will present a lesson from God’s word. At the conclusion of the lesson anyone who wishes to be baptized to become a Christian or to ask for the prayers of the congregation will be invited to come the front to make their request during the singing of a song. No one will ever be pressured or forced to go the front.


The service concludes with announcements of interest to the congregation, a final song, and a concluding prayer.


Biblical Elements of Worship

The order and organization of the worship service are developed through tradition and expediency. The elements of the worship service are, to the best of our ability, designed to replicate the worship services described in the New Testament.  


Communion: Jesus Christ himself established the emblems of bread and the fruit of the vine to represent His body and blood that He sacrificed for our salvation (Matthew 26: 17-30). Following the example of the 1st century church we partake of communion on the first day of every week (Acts 20: 7). The Guntersville Church of Christ offers open communion where anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to do so.


Acapella Singing: Throughout the New Testament there are several examples of Christians singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Colossian 3: 16). Each reference to music in the New Testament worship describes individuals singing but does not mention any types of musical instruments. In an effort to follow the examples of the New Testament the Guntersville Church of Christ practices a capella singing. Acapella singing means singing without the accompaniment of instruments such as pianos or organs.


Prayer: Praying to the Heavenly Father is a practice followed by many individuals throughout their daily lives. But it is also identified as a part of worship services in the 1st century (Acts 2: 42).


Collection of Funds: The Apostle Paul instructed the Christian in Corinth to give with a cheerful heart (I Corinthians 16:2). In order to follow this example the elders set aside a time of giving for members of the Guntersville Church of Christ. However, there is no expectation that any visitor is to participate in the weekly collection of funds.


Preaching: A sermon based on God’s Word was also a part of the weekly gathering of 1st century Christians. It is intended to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christians (II Timothy 4: 1-5) and to teach those who are not Christians more about the Good News of Jesus and the necessity of becoming one of His followers (Acts 8: 4-6).