Deacons play a vital role in the works that we have as a church. 

Listed below are these works and the men who oversee them.

  • Tim Nichols

  • Jim Hering

    Greg Wilson

  • Timmy Buckelew

    Jimmy King

  • Jeff McCoy

  • Mike Cavender

  • Tim Green

  • George Gillen

    Greg Wilson

  • Roy Sanderson

  • Craig LeCroy

  • Bart Chandler

  • Chris Ledbetter

  • Jimmy Floyd

    Jimmy King

  • Mike Oliver

    Spencer McCoy

  • Lane Black

  • Mike Oliver

  • Vohn Enloe

  • Russ Williams

    Michael Oliver

  • Rodney Edmondson

    Scott Fondren

    Spencer McCoy

    Buddy Pettry