Mission work is about listening to God's call, responding in faith, living in love and sharing the hope.  Serving and providing for the needs of others whether at home or abroad is a reflection of our obedience and love for the Lord. Missions provide us the opportunity to experience the truth of God's promises, to give seed to the sower, and supply the need of those who do His work.  Both the giver and recipient are bountifully blessed.  And the relationships and bonds that are formed between the two are truly special. We go to BAJA every summer. The following are some examples of areas where workers are needed: Registration, Optical, Medical, Construction; Dental, Meals, Children's/Teens Ministry, Adult Bible Classes and Benevolence. We currently support the following Mission efforts: Scotland, World Bible School, Diaz Ordaz, Baja, Mexico, Cuba, and French-African Christian Education.